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THE BROMANCE STORY - The PBusardo Version

Where does the story begin? It was about 6 years ago when I received an email telling me I should check out this guy calling himself the 'Vaping Geek', doing electronic cigarette reviews, so I did. The first thing I thought to myself was, 'Who the hell can even understand this guy? It's been a beautiful relationship ever since.

We talked a lot online before we met for the first time. We shared many of the same opinions on vaping, devices, e-liquids and always had tobacco harm reduction and saving people's lives front and center.

We met for the first time at VapeBash 2011. I can remember it clearly.  We ran towards each other and embraced. Do you remember Bo Derek running towards Dudley Moore in the movie, '10?' It was like that, only an uglier version of Bo Derek....much uglier.

I made the comment when I left VapeBash that it was like leaving some of my best friends behind as we traveled home and it started just like that. We kept in touch.

We started working together behind the scenes on reviews, advocacy efforts and of course, our friendship.

The friendship is a give and take relationship as in, I give and he takes.  But of course, I kid. The ball busting you see online is real my friends, very real and it goes on constantly.

When he need technical information on a device or needs to know how something works, I can provide it, although I've never been able to help him with his building skills. When I need to know the latest in advocacy, he can provide it. It's not why we work so well together, why we do talks together and why we travel together.

His knowledge of all things all people in advocacy has always impressed me. His dedication to fighting for vaping has also impressed me. His dedication to tobacco harm reduction has always impressed me. His taste in shoes? Not so much as he wears sketchers.

Vaping has given me a lot of opportunities to spread the message of vaping and lead people to the world of tobacco harm reduction. It has also given me one of my best friends in the world, Dimitris Agrafiotis and I'm very proud to be associated with him on the Vape Bromance

That's the idea behind Vape Bromance. It's a fun line that represents our friendship and how well we work together. The flavors are designed to be vaped on their own or combined and enjoyed together.

The first flavors in the line will be the Strawberry Malt and Italian Bread
Pudding with more to come. We hope you love them.

'Delicious on their own and magnificent together'